Guest Column | March 14, 2014

The Ultimate Cloud Sales Strategy

Cloud Sales Strategy

By Ken Thoreson, president, Acumen Management Group

During a recent new client strategy meeting and a session where I had a chance to interview their entire sales team I came away with a break through idea regarding their sales efforts. I think it is pertinent to almost every past client and all future clients. I just had to share it with my many readers.

First let me say this; as I work with sales organizations on their sales management challenges, one of them being sales team development, a continual issue always appears, that being the in ability of the sales people to ask excellent discovery questions. Next, they fail to fully understand how or what the impact of their solution will have on their prospects business. Most salespeople today sell their product/solution, they may touch on a few limited benefits (FAB = feature/advantage/benefit selling), adapt to solution based selling, but the vast majority cannot “connect the dots” of what they hear and what people want. However, what they are missing is what I now term: Business Guidance.

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