White Paper

The Tipping Point For Records Management

Source: EMC Corporation

This is the seventh, bi-annual Cohasset/ARMA survey and white paper on Electronically Stored Information (ESI) practices.

The results of this survey clearly show:Rec

  • There are many problems,
  • These problems create unacceptable business risks, and accordingly,
  • There is a need for organizations to initiate prompt action.

Bottom line: This white paper is a “call-to-action” for both users and solution providers – as it details the need to improve how ESI is currently managed.

EMC Corporation is pleased to support the publication of this white paper and, through its support, facilitate three goals:

  • First, make the “call-to-action” message a “tipping point” for the many organizations that need to improve the management of their ESI – that now is the time to take action;
  • Second, facilitate RIM professionals in their efforts to have their organization address its ESI problems; and
  • Third, improve the overall performance of managing ESI – thereby bettering ESI governance.

EMC, Cohasset, and ARMA International are collectively committed to providing RIM professionals with an authoritative basis for inspiring their organization to improve the management of its ESI.

Download this white paper below to read more.