Guest Column | March 5, 2014

The Preface To Accelerating Sales

Gil Cargill

By Gil Cargill, Sales Acceleration Coach, Cargill Consulting Group, Inc.

Welcome to my nine-week sales acceleration program.  During the next nine weeks, this newsletter will publish one chapter from a book that I am developing.  Our overarching purpose in writing this book is to help the 21st-century sales professional understand that the rules of the road have clearly changed and that our old strategies and tactics don't work.

As a matter of fact, your prospects are probably much more sophisticated and much more knowledgeable about your product, services and solutions than they've ever been.  As a result, some studies show that today's buyer has completed 80-85% of the overall buying/evaluation process, prior to meeting a sales professional.

Compare that to the old days, when prospects had to talk to a sales professional in order to understand how the various products and services worked.  This enabled the buyer and the seller to build rapport and have a relationship that encouraged the buyer to make a positive decision to invest in the seller's products and services.  In today's world, that circumstance has completely evaporated.

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