White Paper

The Path to MSSP

Source: Solarwinds MSP
Long Road to Continuous Manufacturing

One of the hottest debates in IT service management at the moment is whether or not to pursue “Managed Security Service Provider” (MSSP) status. This is largely caused by a lack of clarity over what the name means, whether it is beneficial to use it, or whether customers are even concerned about the distinction between MSPs and MSSPs.

This report defines exactly what an MSSP is and identifies the existing opportunity for those who reach this standard. It also highlights the shortcomings of current service providers and how to overcome them.

In summer 2017, SolarWinds MSP examined how more than 400 SMEs and enterprises in the US and UK were addressing their IT security needs and their views of their service providers.

The key result was that 80% of respondents are planning to change the way they manage their IT security in the next 12 months. This might include switching their current service provider and ceasing outsourcing in favor of in-house resources, or vice versa. It is an astonishingly high figure, showing just how turbulent the IT security services market is, and how much opportunity exists as a result.