White Paper

The Need For Rugged Tablet PCs In Logistics And Transportation


From passenger services to commodities transport, transportation and logistics organizations require devices that confront all-weather conditions, perform in airspace or on back roads, provide GPS location and sustain long-term battery power. Adopted by thousands of companies across the U.S. and around the globe, rugged tablet PCs have become essential to the rail transport, port, trucking and airline sectors.

With high-performance rugged handheld PCs, transportation and logistics tasks can be accomplished efficiently, quickly and securely. xTablets from MobileDemand withstand harsh travel environments while managing communication, deliveries, departures and arrivals without complication.

Benefits of Rugged Computing for Shipping & Receiving

Rugged computers and ruggedized devices are tailor-made for shipping and receiving functions of any business. Before the advent of the rugged tablet PC, efficient shipping relied on careful tallies and handwritten invoices. Nothing could be changed once the trucks left their home base, and if someone made a mistake, it could be days or weeks before clients received their products. The same held true on the other end of the equation. A business waiting for a mission-critical delivery had to depend on their provider to ensure that it was on time. If the driver encountered delays along the way, he had no means of updating his status – or correcting errors on the road – without making calls and consulting the business’s central office.