Article | June 9, 2016

The MSP Guide To Lead Nurturing

Source: StorageCraft Technology Corporation
Lead Nurturing

By Contel Bradford via StorageCraft

Having the knack to consistently secure new leads is a sign you’re doing something right. But subscribing to your newsletter or downloading a white paper doesn’t necessarily mean a prospect is ready and willing to deal. In fact, research firm Gleanster found that while many of them look the part, 50 percent of qualified leads aren’t ready to make a purchase. What’s more, 8 to 10 percent of those leads will choose not to buy for one reason or another. If anything underscores the importance of lead nurturing, these statistics nail it.

Lead nurturing is the ultimate commitment to building trust and creating relationships with prospects as they travel along the sales funnel. The goal is to communicate and provide potential customers with a steady flow of relevant information that eventually influences them to buy. As for the benefits, they are numerous and oh so compelling. Lead nurturing allows marketers to:

  • Track customer relationships from lead acquisition to sale
  • Segment prospects into the right groups
  • Deliver content that helps sway leads into making a purchase
  • Turn unqualified leads into new opportunities
  • Trim the sales cycle and increase revenue

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