News | January 22, 2014

The Last Big Thing

GwarePOS (Detroit MI) has merged two existing technologies to create the industries first integrated POS & Scale Management software package that focuses on small and medium Grocery Store Management.

The merger gives POS dealers an affordable, easy to install and support product they can sell to grocery, liquor and c-stores. GwarePOS is the only company that offers grocery POS software with integrated Scale Management along with a host of secondary grocery specific products. “Our complete grocery / retail line gives re-sellers a competitive edge as well as providing additional revenue streams”, says Greg Boerner of GwarePOS.

“As our industry goes through historic changes with things like Free POS, Software as a Service, Cheap POS Tablets and more, the grocery segment has been insulated from most of these changes and is still able to maintain high profits and strong margins. Grocery POS represents one of the most profitable verticals with the fewest competitors in the industry”, adds Boerner

Features that make Gware software unique include its affordability, flex-screen technology, powerful import / export file management, integrated scale management, centralized Web Office and a number of add on modules.  With over two decades of grocery experience, GwarePOS can offer unparalleled hardware, software and sales support that will help POS dealers take advantage of “The Last Big Thing” in POS.