The Importance Of Innovation During A Slow Economy. Why And How A VAR Should Take The Lead

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Mike Hanson, vice president of Star Micronics America, talks with Business Solutions magazine President Jim Roddy about how VARs should innovate to prosper in tough economic times.

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Length: 10 min, 23 sec

Excerpts from an exclusive interview with Mike Hanson, vice president of Star Micronics America, and Jim Roddy, president of Business Solutions

Hanson: One of the things that I consider how resellers can follow our slogan of “Always Leading, Always Innovating” is really to have resellers review their offerings to understand today what they’re selling that’s proprietary, what they’re selling today that’s open, and how they can really work with their customers to provide open solutions that really empower the customers long term.

I really believe today that in this economy, this environment, empowering users to leverage the technology to manage their business is very key.

BSM: What can a reseller do to reassure their customers that now is the time for them to also be innovators and improve their operations while they’re watching every penny?

Hanson: Certainly a challenging question. Of course, one side is the financial control, but I believe, in most companies, they also recognize the importance of revenue generation. With our Future Print technology, this has really been a platform that we have offered with our recent products that empower marketing tools. Future Print is really a software platform that would enable a reseller to work directly with their retailer and be able to offer some special coupons, promotional things from the retailer. And it’s included. There’s no additional cost. Really the cost is just understanding what the retailer wants to promote and how the reseller can participate.

That’s how that reseller can truly be a consultant. As you said earlier, it’s not about the reseller just going in to sell some hardware or some service, but how they really can add value to the retailer.

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