Magazine Article | June 25, 2012

The Evolution Of Retail Hardened Store Systems

By Business Solutions magazine

New Intel® Core™ i3/i5 fan free all-in-one touchscreen eliminates key point of failure.

Much has been written about the ‘consumerization’ of retail and the trend around incorporating consumer devices such as smartphones and tablets into the retail environment. But, the fact remains that systems made for the often harsh environment of retail stores should remain a cornerstone of technology decisions. Consumer grade or non-industrial devices used in high transaction environments or environments where heat, cold, liquids, dust, or other airborne particles play a factor are not reliable options and can cause customer dissatisfaction and loss of sales.

Posiflex, a provider of industrial grade POS hardware for over 25 years, has announced the next evolution in Retail Hardened POS — the Intel® Core™ i series 15-inch, all-in-one, fan free KS7700 terminal. Posiflex products are channel friendly, ISV certified and award winning; the KS7700 recently won Best IT Innovation award. As applications become more robust, the amount of processing power and the affiliated heat created by the CPU increases. Heat is a key resulting factor of component failure. The traditional cooling solution has been a fan, but as retailers know, the fan in a terminal can often be the single point of failure because it is prone to take in foreign particles, causing a terminal to rapidly overheat.

This new system has been designed to avoid such issues. Posiflex’s patented aluminum die-cast “heat fin” design assures maximum uptime. And, through extensive temperature cycling, vibration, drop, shock, static electricity and emission tolerance testing — using a third-party lab to perform the HighlyAccelerated Life Testing (HALT) and Highly- Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) processes — the Posiflex KS7700 system has proven to withstand the harshest environments retail can bring.

According to Doyle Ledford, VP of Sales, Posiflex USA, “The market has long needed a terminal that is overbuilt, to over-perform. Retail and hospitality customers who required high performance but wanted fan free terminal reliability never had that choice — until now. The Posiflex KS7700 brings the best of both worlds, where power and performance meet the rock-solid reliability required to maximize uptime and reduce cost. Your business operates 24/7. Your POS terminals should too.”

Key Benefits Include:

  • 15-inch retail ready, fan free All-in-One with Intel® Core™ i3/i5 Series processors runs the most demanding applications coolly with energy saving efficiency
  • Unique fan free design eliminates potential point of failure and particulate matter intake
  • Highly versatile for all environments:
    • Compatible with all current Posiflex peripherals, including printers, encrypted or standard magnetic stripe reader, biometric fingerprint reader, keyboards, PIN pads, and rear customer displays
    • Available in projective capacitive with precision edge design, infrared, and resistive touch functions
    • Standard 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, maximum 8GB
  • Built as a durable, long lasting solution:
    • Die-cast aluminum alloy housing for maximum heat diffusion and shock resistance

The next generation of Intel® i3/i5 terminals is here.

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