Guest Column | April 27, 2010

The Digital Mailroom Is Dead

By Scott Blau, CEO, Datacap

Forget about performing magic in the old, paper mailroom. It is time to concentrate on how mail, email, fax, and other digital and paper documents can be brought together through a universal capture portal that automates the extraction of time-critical business information. It will help your organization operate more efficiently, improve customer satisfaction, and adjust to future, and unexpected, changes in how people take advantage of digital mediums.

A funny thing happened on the way to the digital mailroom. It seemed so obvious at the time (circa "Y2K"). The Post Office truck backs up to the loading dock in the mailroom, out come gobs of mail in varying size envelopes that are fed into a special device that slices open, extracts the contents, scans, and sorts them. The physical contents are dropped into the recycling bin and the virtual contents - now scanned images - effortless flow into the organization, reducing costs at every turning, improving customer service, and delivering big-time productivity improvements.

But the Digital Mailroom Never Materialized…