White Paper

The Cold Hard Facts: Using Rugged Mobile Computers In Cold Environments

Coats, hats and gloves are essential in order for warehouse workers to function more than a few minutes in cold storage areas. In much the same way, mobile data-collection computers must be built to perform under these demanding conditions. Unless mobile computers, associated bar code readers and wireless networking equipment have been designed with features required specifically for use in cold environments, the level of their reliability will fall right along with the temperatures.

Companies no longer have to compromise on functionality and information access just because of the environment. Next generation cold storage mobile computers are built not only to withstand prolonged use in the cold, but more importantly transitioning between cold and warm locations.

Cold air, frost and condensation. Each of these elements creates a specific challenge for rugged mobile computing equipment. The insulation used to keep refrigerated and frozen storage areas cold also poses problems when it comes to wireless connectivity. Here's a brief overview of how these conditions impact mobile computer performance.