Guest Column | June 11, 2014

The Challenges Of Moving Data To The Cloud

John Gallagher, VP of Marketing, Quorum

By John Gallagher, VP of Marketing, Quorum

Cloud is a hot topic right now. It seems most businesses are making the move to the cloud: servers are moving to the cloud, data is stored in the cloud, and applications and services are hosted from the cloud. Collectively, organizations have made the cloud “mission critical” for their overall business operations, including reliance on the cloud for disaster recovery.  According to recent study from Cloudability, 86 percent of companies currently use more than one type of cloud services.

Based on all of the buzz, your clients might think their businesses need to be in the cloud as well, and that if they’re not, they might be missing out on something. Before they rush off to the great big service in the sky, though, it will be vitally important to explain both the pros and the cons. There are challenges with moving data to the cloud for any business, as well as risks.

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