White Paper

The Case For Outsourced Help Desks

Source: Continuum

This white paper from Continuum discusses the outsourced service desk for managed service providers (MSPs) and the compelling advantages, including cost savings, advanced services processes and technology, and the freedom to refocus your efforts on more strategic internal tasks. MSPs offer proactive and reactive support to their clients, with service often being completed through remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools. Much of this work is automated, but some tasks require human intervention, which is where the help desk or service desk come into play.

The service desk is often the main point of contact between an MSP and a client after the sale, making them crucial to customer retention. The ability of the service desk to quickly diagnose and fix a problem a customer is experiencing will greatly affect the customer’s perceived value of your services.

This white paper notes several service desk satisfaction success factors. Some examples include:

  • Hold time: How long was it before someone picks up the phone?
  • Remediation time: How long did it take to resolve an issue?
  • Quality of resolution: Was the issue resolved correctly?
  • Technical knowledge: How knowledgeable was the help desk technician?
  • Information conveyed: Was the information exchanged between the tech and client helpful?

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