Case Study

Case Study: The Case For Managed Backup Services

Source: Asigra Inc.

Recurring revenue, attractive profit margins, customer retention, and new business opportunities-sizzling benefits that should heat up even the most tepid investor. By all accounts, the managed backup services business is getting hotter by the terabyte.

What's fueling the fire? Business-data growth, for one thing. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) report customer data growth of 1-2% per month in many business segments. If you're delivering backup services, you'll be contracting services for 12-24% more data annually - without having to invest significantly more resources in sales and marketing. Compliance is another log on the fire. Financial institutions, retailers, and healthcare organizations simply can't meet regulatory requirements with traditional backup practices. Tapes aren't encrypted, they aren't fast or reliable enough for disaster recovery, and everyone knows they too easily get sidetracked in their journeys to safe housing.