Guest Column | November 25, 2013

The ABCs of Video Management

By Mike Scirica, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, WavestoreUSA

Video management software (VMS) can be a challenging technology segment to fully understand. It can be difficult for IT integrators to tell which solution is best for their customers’ needs, especially when every manufacturer claims to have the key benefits that will serve them best. It can even be more complicated for the SMB customer, who often wants the functionality of an enterprise-class system at an approachable price point.

That’s why, when considering VMS systems, it’s important to keep a few key functionalities at the top of your list:

Ease of use, installation, and configuration 

Small, specialty businesses do not have the time to waste on lengthy, complicated installations, challenging configurations, and difficult software operation. If you are targeting this market, look for a VMS that is easy to manage and configure, from the installation to the customer’s day-to-day experience. To streamline installation and ongoing use, some VMS platforms feature maps that detail the layout of specific installations, with camera icons placed according to system configuration. The area of coverage and the field of view can be set for each camera, and the operator can select and view images from a specific camera by simply clicking the related icon.

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