News | April 17, 2008

Telecom Brokerage Firm Launches No-Cost VoIP Network Design Services

The Telecom Broker, a new firm, allows Value Added Resellers (VARs) and the business market access to "Brokerage Basis" Internet and Wide Area Network (WAN) design services without any fee at all.

"Previously most multi-location small and mid sized businesses had limited options in obtaining independently designed Wide Area Networks, or help understanding VoIP and Internet access best practices," says Curtis Burnside, CCNA of The Telecom Broker. "Now The Telecom Broker does this work for these customers on a national basis and without cost."

The Telecom Broker available at replaces the only real previous options, namely highly paid consultants, engineering firms or dealing directly with a telecom provider. The Telecom Broker is paid by the provider or carrier on a commission basis, only after the customer successfully implements the plan. There are inherent advantages to customers from this arrangement.

Businesses can now get an independent, vendor-agnostic professional to design the network and give them needed telecom advise, before the carrier becomes involved. "This way, they get the network they need designed up front, then it's priced out on a bidding basis, to assure the customer gets the best value," says Burnside.

The Telecom Broker employs Certified Network Consultants, most of whom are ex-employees of carriers. The firm recruits and works through VARs, mainly network integrators and telecom interconnect companies, helping these vendors assure their customers best in class design, advice and pricing.

Of additional value to both VARs and equipment manufacturers is the ability to assure customers have access to professional design services for important VoIP initiatives which require a robust, low latency network design to assure the highest voice quality.

"We provide a turnkey design and sales process for the VAR marketplace. We know the telecom network piece is not their core competency and pay a lucrative commission for their referrals to us," says Burnside who has years of experience in the telecom marketplace designing and managing agent-based partner programs for companies like BellSouth and others. Partnering and information is available on the companies' Affiliates Page.

The company deals directly with end users as well and can be reached at 1-877-566-5600. Public access to the countries first real-time T1 quoting tool is also available at

SOURCE: The Telecom Broker