Case Study

Case Study: TalkSwitch Ties Together Rockingham Healthcare And TruConnections

Since 1998, Rockingham Family Healthcare has provided family-centered health services, in Atkinson, New Hampshire. With over 1,500 patients, Rockingham is an essential piece of the community and takes pride in delivering prompt, reliable primary care services.

After years of operation and seeing thousands of patients walk through the doors, the Practice Manager, Glenn DiTulio and his staff were starting to notice a decrease in productivity when it came to handling incoming calls and caring for patients. With only four full-time staff, Rockingham needed a better phone system to manage the influx of calls they receive every day.

"We were wasting a lot of time answering phone calls that didn't need to be answered," says DiTulio. "Our front office staff found it very inconvenient to have to answer phone calls every minute for prescription refills while they're trying to care for a patient who is standing in front of them. There was no prioritization and no organization. But since the current system and phones we had in place couldn't offer much in terms of capabilities, our hands were tied."

On top of the constant phone call distractions, DiTulio was tired of paying high phone bills every month. "Even though we don't employ that many people, employee costs still remain our highest expense," DiTulio says. "That's something you can't avoid. Phone bills, on the other hand, are sometimes unnecessary expenses that can be altered and improved."