Case Study

TableSafe Supports EMV, NFC, iBeacon, And More With Next-Generation Payment Solution

Source: Creditcall Corporation

Key facts

End user: TableSafe

Problem: The company’s RAIL pay-at-the-table device needed EMV and next-generation payment support

Solutions used: Creditcall ChipDNA Direct

Results: With Creditcall’s help, TableSafe RAIL 2 supports EMV, NFC, iBeacon, and other next-generation payment options.


As we know, in most restaurants today, once finished dining, customers receive the check and then the process begins of the wait staff going back and forth between the POS system, and table to handle the credit card transaction. Meanwhile, that same waiter or waitress is tasked with taking orders and refilling drinks from other patrons. Ultimately, the payment process can disrupt the dining experience of everyone involved.

To address this need, TableSafe’s RAIL provides a pay-at-the-table payment platform that puts security and control of the payment process back into the hands of the patron. The device creates an unobtrusive payment method that looks, on the surface, like today’s check billfold, with a significant difference. Inside the billfold is a highly intuitive payment device that allows the customer to check out and pay the bill at their leisure. Additionally, this solution helps customers feel more secure about paying with a credit card because the card never leaves their hands.