News | October 22, 2012

SYNNEX Corporation Creates "PROMOCentral" Application For Resellers To Simplify Vendor Promotion Management

GREENVILLE, S.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX), a leading distributor of IT products and services, announced today during its National Conference the launch of PROMOCentral, a new application that gives SYNNEX resellers the ability to manage vendor product promotions from one location by smartphone or computer.

Included in the application are MySPIFF, which allows users to manage multiple incentive programs, and CrossView, which allows users to search on SYNNEX or a manufacturer SKU to see all exclusive and national rebates. PROMOCentral makes it easier to earn rewards for products purchased, especially for resellers that order products in large quantities. SYNNEX' vendors also gain value with this application by providing them with an easy way introduce new products and influence reseller sales teams with product promotions and other offerings.

"A major benefit for many of our customers is giving them a quick and easy to use application that allows them to leverage as many vendor promotions as possible," said Kevin Murai, President and CEO of SYNNEX Corporation. "Ultimately, our goal in creating this application is to increase business productivity for our customers by providing them access to current promotional information while on the road or in the office."

"PROMOCentral enhances my sales team's ability to deliver premium customer service by freeing up time searching and managing multiple vendor promotional sources," said Barry Kelly, President of Kelser Corporation. "The capability to access up-to-date promotions in one place, while also gaining rewards and other offerings, is an invaluable tool that not only benefits us, but our customers as well."

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