News | June 27, 2014

Syncrify Brings Security, Synchronization, Reporting To Private Cloud

Imram Hussain, president of Synametrics Technologies

Synametrics Technologies offers Syncrify, private cloud backup software that enables organizations to back up data within their own enterprises. Resellers can provide Syncrify to customers that require a private cloud — like healthcare facilities or law firms — as well as to users that prefer not to allow a third party to have control of their data. Imran Hussain, president of Synametrics Technologies explains that Syncrify is different because it puts the user in complete control: “No other company will ever see or store your private files.”

Hussain adds that managed services providers (MSPs) can also use the software to provide private cloud backup — the software enables MSPs to create their own cloud. 

With data security such a prevalent topic, resellers can assure their clients that with this solution, as long as their network is secure, their data is secure, and can be accessed at any time from any location.

Another feature of the software is synchronization and “incremental backup.” This enables the software to intelligently determine which the part of a file was modified and change only that part. Hussain says this efficient approach is “very light on a network. It is designed so it can run on a slow network.”

An example of an organization that leverages this feature is I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, a non-profit organization responsible for developing and delivering technical training programs to automotive repair professionals. I-CAR distributes confidential, time-sensitive information to update more than 400 field instructors’ resources each day. Using Syncrify, I-CAR can securely push their collision repair curriculum to the instructors’ laptops every night.

The software also includes a reporting feature that logs exactly what has been backed up, a valuable capability for enterprises with auditing requirements, such as healthcare. He adds when files are transferred, even though it is within a closed environment, they are protected with AES encryption.

Hussain encourages resellers and MSPs to visit Synametrics to look at partner program options. He adds they will also find that the company has a policy of transparency, publishing prices and benefits to resellers.

Synametrics has recently released Syncrify Version 3.6. New capabilities and features include a plugin for MS Exchange versions 2010 and above, a troubleshooting wizard to help users determine and overcome any connection challenges; and an automatically configuring router that allows novice users to get up and running in minutes without manually changing router settings to bypass firewalls. For more information, see the full press release.