Case Study

Sweet Success - Rugged Mobile Computers Pay Off For Sugar Producer

Source: DRS Technologies
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U.S. Sugar Corporation, one of the nation’s largest sugar producers and processors, operates the world’s largest fully integrated sugar factory. Built in 2007, it relies on the largest private agricultural railroad in the country with 120 miles of track, 1,000 specially designed ‘cane cars’ and 14 locomotives. This network connects vast fields of sugar cane to the mill and refinery in Clewiston, Fla. It must operate efficiently because once cane is cut, it begins to deteriorate and lose sugar content—which means a loss of profits. And yet, until U.S. Sugar began using ARMOR™ rugged mobile computers, the movement of harvested cane through the vast network was tracked entirely by hand.

In order to cope with a hot, dusty and dirty environment that is also subject to rain blowing through elevator windows, U.S. Sugar selected the ARMOR X10gx rugged tablet computer from DRS Technologies, which was built on years of military and commercial heritage.

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