Guest Column | April 30, 2012

6 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Be Selling Tape Storage

Chris Marsh Spectra Logic

By Chris Marsh, market development manager, Spectra Logic

What are some of the primary reasons tape storage gets such a bad rap?
The overwhelming answer to this is perception, or rather misperception, about modern tape technology. The idea that tape is old is as true and untrue as saying disk is old; both technologies have been around for decades. Modern tape is actually more reliable than modern hard drives — often by two orders of magnitude when comparing BER (bit error rate).

The other perception that is common is that tape is hard to use. Unfortunately, this is more of a commentary on how data management software handles tape than it is a commentary directly on tape. There is a physical aspect to tape that will never disappear, thus the image of a tape unraveled can always be used against the tape market. In reality, it remains the most reliable, cost-effective, portable media platform
on the market.