News | July 17, 2014

Surgo Group Enables You To Offer Web Enhancement As A Value-Add

Surgo Group, a digital strategy and visibility company, provides web enhancement and lead generation services to an array of verticals. It offers SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Solution Providers a unique partner program to better service their clients — and substantial, up-front and recurring compensation.

Although search result management is a priority for any project for lead generation, Solution Providers often are asked to assist in this effort, and do not have the staff or administrative resources to create and manage these solutions for their customers. Surgo Group creates custom-tailored marketing and visibility solutions “from incubation to implementation.” As a product of the data Surgo gathers and analyzes, Surgo Group offers targeted, cost-effective lead generation and digital visibility and solutions as well.

Surgo offers a partnership model, enabling Solution Providers to offer their clients a unique digital visibility solution that compliments their current service offerings; ultimately bringing measurable value back to the client.   The compensation model exceeds current industry precedents on a high multiple, and the free custom assessment portion of the offering results in unparalleled conversion rates.

Henry Briffel of Surgo Group cites the substantial need for Optimized and measurable Lead Generation tactics in the increasingly competitive digital environment.   Further, the company bases success on quantifiable results which provides ROI to all parties. 

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Web Enhancement As A Value-Add

SOURCE: Surgo Group