Case Study

Case Study: Sunbelt's VIPRE Enterprise Is Good Insurance For Evergreen's Operations

Source: Sunbelt Software, Inc.

Evergreen USA RRG is the oldest continuously operating insurance program provider for campground and RV park owners in the nation. The company, based in Lewiston, Maine, provides comprehensive liability insurance, specialized services, and unique coverage options exclusively to the outdoor recreation industry. With 20 employees, the company serves a wide variety of clients from primitive wilderness camps to luxurious RV resorts, as well as flatwater through class V paddlesport operations and national and state associations.

Evergreen required a product that offered a centralized management console to provide notifications to an administrator when events - like the disabling of workstation antivirus protection - occurred, and to be sure definition updates were taking place. Timothy switched to another product that had a good central console system, however the solution was lacking due to install/uninstall issues, application conflicts, roaming profile problems, and communication problems between the central console and workstations.

Since implementing VIPRE Enterprise, administrative overhead has been reduced at Evergreen due to the extreme dependability and reliability of the solution. As a responsible IT administrator, Timothy believes in protection at the gateway/firewall as well as at the server/workstation level. Evergreen also deployed a name brand product at the firewall as well as Sunbelt's VIPRE Email Security to protect the organization's Exchange server.