News | October 8, 2015

Study Shows Collaborators "Save" Whiteboards

By Ally Kutz, contributing writer

Whiteboards are a common tool when people meet, collaborate, and brainstorm. LogMeIn’s research shows more than 80 percent of those surveyed have “saved” a whiteboard, requesting that it not be erased.

A study performed by Lab42 in August surveying respondents who had used whiteboards in meetings last year revealed 78 percent of them saved the information on the board for more than a week, 34 percent for a month — and 6 percent for a year or more.

In addition, 72 percent of those surveyed have taken a photo of a whiteboard, 29 percent have 10 or more images of a whiteboard on a phone or tablet, and 13 percent have more than 20 images saved on mobile devices.

With the ideas generated during a meeting and recorded on a whiteboard generally considered worth saving, it’s a problem when they are erased: 52 percent of those surveyed admit to having erased someone else’s whiteboard, not knowing they still needed it.

The research, reported in conjunction with the LogMeIn app’s introduction of its new mobile whiteboard, also found 86 percent say they’ve been in a meeting space without a whiteboard and have wished there was one in order to share key thoughts, while 61 percent feel they have missed out on critical information in meetings because other participants on the call had been working with whiteboards.