Guest Column | November 26, 2013

Strategic Partnering Is The "Secret Sauce" For MSP Success

By David Roth, CEO and Co-Founder, AppFirst

As managed services providers (MSPs), you are keenly interested in ensuring your customers’ servers, storage, and network infrastructure are humming along efficiently. After all, you have made significant investments in infrastructure monitoring tools so you are aware of problems well before they impact your customers. You have probably also invested considerable effort in developing scripts to help gather additional metrics. But most MSPs do not expose this level of detail to their users. Why?

  • You’ve made a strategic decision ("if we give them access to this data, they will only ask more questions").
  • Customers want you to review and work with this data.
  • It’s a limitation of the tools you are using.

However, your users could benefit from valuable insights residing in their systems, application, and business metrics. Today's application developers/owners have a responsibility to their customers, and/or their management, for the performance of the applications running on your hardware. Especially in Dev/Ops circles, application owners want to know everything they can about the moving pieces that make up their application, whether or not they are "responsible" for that level of metrics.

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