Datasheet | November 18, 2009

Datasheet: Store21

Specialty Retail POS
Today, point-of-sale systems are an invaluable asset to retailers as they become more sophisticated and offer more functionality. POS systems have a significant impact on all aspects of retailing from the simple transaction at the cashier to labor and inventory management and back office operations. When fully optimized for your business, the right POS system directly impacts your bottom line.

Streamline Operations with Powerful Management Tools and Controls
MICROS-Retail Store21 is a powerfulpoint-of-service system ideal for specialty retailers. The software solution lets you achieve full transaction processing with every purchase and empower employees with vital information pertaining to the customer and the sale. Store21 automates and streamlines simple functions while giving managers new tools and additional control. It saves time at the register and allows associates to maximize every selling opportunity. Store21 enables stores to communicate electronically with a centralized database at headquarters, enabling sales associates to verify pricing, locate merchandise, validate returns, and perform a variety of other information-based activities, all in real-time.