Case Study

Storage Switzerland: Addressing The Robo Backup Challeneges

Source: KineticD

A critical challenge for any business is backing up the ever increasing quantities of data generated in day to day operations, especially when a significant portion of that data resides on laptops, servers, workstations, etc., located in ROBO’s (Remote Office/Branch Office). This becomes even more challenging for small and medium sized businesses that lack the IT resources found in most large companies. In most cases these small businesses often have a single person who is somewhat technically proficient but whose primary job focus is not IT related.

In order to meet this challenge, many SMBs (Small/Medium sized Businesses) are turning to cloud based solutions which lets them properly protect their data while avoiding large scale costs for additional infrastructure and personnel. Equally important with the ability to securely backup increasing amounts of data is the ability to restore any or all of that data rapidly. One of the limiting factors in recovery from cloud based storage is the available bandwidth of your Internet connection.

KineticD is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company with a decade long track record of providing a powerful and flexible set of CDP (Continuous Data Protection) solutions that address the data protection and recovery needs of SMBs in a cost effective manner. KineticD recently announced their release of KineticCloud for Servers, a hybrid cloud backup solution, which addresses these critical data protection and recovery challenges for SMBs.

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