Case Study

Storage And Virtualization Solution Offers Portland Non-Profit Law Firm Expandable Network Capacity

Source: WYNIT Distribution, LLC

Metropolitan Public Defender (MPD) is a private, non profit law firm committed to providing high-quality criminal defense for indigent clients. Established in 1971, the Oregon firm has an office in Portland (Multnomah County) and one in Hillsboro (Washington County). It is the mission of MPD to deliver the best possible representation to clients in court appointed cases ranging from misdemeanor cases to felony cases (including homicides) in addition to juvenile cases and civil commitment proceedings.

The Challenge
Handling more than 17,000 criminal cases per year, Metropolitan Public Defender is a non-profit law firm that is nationally recognised for its leadership in the public defense community, its training programs, and the guidance, supervision and support of its attorneys. The company was looking to replace its outdated servers to increase speed, disk capacity, and provide reliable network data storage at its main office in Portland, OR. 

The server and storage infrastructure in the Portland office provides IT services for 150 attorneys and staff members including an in-house laptop docking system, Microsoft Exchange Email Server®, Web server, profi le sharing and personnel updates. In seeking to expand the system, Kyle Fergusson, Chief Technology Officer at MPD, began to explore solutions that would meet the firm’s requirements and budgetary needs. Some of the key features that Fergusson was looking for included volume virtualization, RAID support, & a high performance iSCSI interface.

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