Magazine Article | June 25, 2012

Sterling Payment Technologies Offers Best-In-Class Programs And Tools For POS Payment Resellers

By Business Solutions magazine

In today’s tough economy and competitive landscape, what does Sterling Payment Technologies offer to help resellers close more sales?
Quite simply, we are dedicated to doing what it takes to help resellers sell more POS systems.

We have developed a large number of cost-effective solutions for payment integration and various payment connectivity options to give merchants cost-effective, reliable solutions to accept credit card payments.

Financing has become one of the most critical issues for many merchants who need to upgrade or purchase a new POS system, and Sterling Funding, our in-house financing program, can help merchants get the capital they need for new equipment (including our Jump Start program for new businesses).

What programs and products does Sterling offer that allow resellers to do more for their merchants?
The more we can do for merchants, the more we are doing to help our resellers. That’s why we’ve built a number of proprietary products that help merchants make more money and operate more efficiently.

Managing cash flow is critical for small businesses, which form the great majority of the businesses that make up the POS resellers’ installed base. Sterling’s proprietary EZpay program helps businesses manage the costs of equipment, service contracts, software licenses, supplies, and installation with customized, flexible payment options.

Sterling’s BRIDGE Back Office Technology™ provides both single- and multi-location merchants with backoffice intelligence in real time, with sales reports and PLU data available anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection.

Our in-house text messaging and electronic couponing program is another way we give merchants a tool to increase their sales, repeat business, and recurring revenue. In fact, we’re the only payment processor to offer a platform specifically designed for POS resellers, which we designed from the ground up.

Sterling’s proprietary loyalty program appeals to larger single-location and chain merchants. It tracks card data to track consumer usage and build rewards that can be redeemed in a single store or across multiple locations.

What does Sterling offer to make a reseller’s life easier?
We understand that resellers are in the residual business and the service business. We provide them with programs and products that can help them keep their customers happy.

Sterling operates its own risk management system and settlement platform to provide consistent delivery of merchant funds, decreasing the number of phone calls from merchants whose funds may be held up by a payment processor or risk insurer.

Sterling also offers payment modems with wireless failover capability to decrease POS service calls caused by intermittent Internet service. We have options available for PC-based POS systems and electronic cash registers.

Sterling is the first payment company to build a stateof- the-art POS tech support group and laboratory to help POS developers create and support leading-edge products for PC-based POS systems and ECRs. And, our ability to take after-hours support calls is another benefit for our reseller partners.

Lastly, Sterling has the industry’s most transparent and fairest residual payment program and pays residual commissions with clear, concise, and open reporting, so resellers can clearly understand how they’re being paid.

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