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5 Steps To Take Backup From Good 2 Great

Source: SolarWinds Backup
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I f you have been in the IT service business for a while, you likely have the basics down for backup. You probably have some revenue coming in from the service, and you might even have saved your clients a few times from severe data loss.

In short, you’re good at backup. But what would make you great? No matter where you are now, there’s always room to improve. Maybe you need to boost efficiency so you can reduce the cost of providing backup services. Or perhaps you have a hard time convincing prospects to invest in regularly tested, proactive backup services.

Regardless of how good you are now, you probably still have challenges to overcome. For instance, restores could be a nightmare if your software doesn’t give you enough granularity and flexibility to adequately address critical needs. Or maybe your team’s losing productivity by having to deal with multiple backup solutions for different clients.

When it comes to backup, there are a few challenges that consistently crop up for MSPs:

  • You haven’t cracked the code on selling backup: Every MSP owner dreams of generating tons of revenue from a given service (backup included). But backup tends to be a “just in case” service that customers put off purchasing, as they don’t see an urgent need.
  • Your backups are limited in scope: Many clients simply want to back up a single critical server. This won’t protect their endpoints from issues like ransomware attacks or even human error (which is extremely common).
  • You’ve inherited backup: Rarely, if ever, do you talk to a prospect who has nothing in place or wants to completely change their system. If you find one, great! Your life will be a lot easier. But more often, customers already have a mixture of existing solutions in various states, making managing backup across clients a drain on your overall efficiency.