News | October 25, 2007

SpringCM Delivers Industry's First Software-As-A-Service Platform For Document Process Automation

Source: SpringCM

SpringCM, the leader in on-demand document management and workflow, recently announced the availability of Advanced Workflow and business process management (BPM) capabilities in SpringCM 4.0, the newest version of the company's award-winning service. This new version is the first and only product to combine enterprise-class document management and workflow in a single integrated solution — all delivered as a Web-based service. With 22 seamlessly integrated technologies, SpringCM 4.0 extends SpringCM's mission to deliver comprehensive content management functionality at a fraction of the cost of complex installed systems.

Dan Carmel, CEO of SpringCM, stated, "Traditional approaches to automating document processes have only been available through expensive and complex enterprise content management (ECM) platforms or by integrating best-of-breed BPM engines with stand-alone document management systems. For the first time, we have combined Advanced Workflow and enterprise-class document management with the proven low cost, reduced risk and rapid deployment inherent in the SaaS business model. SpringCM 4.0 enables organizations of all sizes to rapidly and cost-effectively boost operational efficiency in a wide variety of application areas, including finance, human resources, training, sales and marketing."

Highlights of SpringCM 4.0 include:

Advanced Workflow – For the first time, the new Advanced Workflow features in SpringCM 4.0 provide the ability to automate daily business operations such as accounts payable, contract management and new-hire processing in a low cost, low risk Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Extending the traditional SpringCM routing and approval features, SpringCM Advanced Workflow offers robust functionality to allow enterprises to start with a single business process and then leverage the SpringCM platform to handle even the most complex business processes. Specific features include:

  • Automated decision processing – provides immediate payback by focusing employees' efforts on the most productive tasks at a particular time.
  • Graphic configuration modeler – facilitates sophisticated workflow and provides the ability to deploy multiple versions, enabling fine tuning of business best practices.
  • Highly customizable flowchart model – enables users to quickly change processes such as assigning multiple users to a single step.
  • Event-driven processes and automatic escalations – allows oversight and increased visibility into all processes.
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) – enforces accountability and enables the continuous improvement of business processes based upon workload and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • BPM rules engine – implements best practices in both high-volume, exceptions-based processing and highly collaborative work processes through the combination of the BPM rules engine with SpringCM's rich document management capabilities.

Print to SpringCM – This new feature improves the capture capabilities of SpringCM by enabling any document to be uploaded to SpringCM as easily as it can be printed. Documents can be renamed and metadata (based on the type of document) can be added as part of this process.

Scan to SpringCM – Scanners typically produce cryptically named files that are dumped onto a hard drive to be sorted through manually. Scan to SpringCM takes the intuitive concept of Print to SpringCM and applies it to scanning. When documents are scanned from any TWAIN-compatible scanner, the user is able to rename the documents, to add metadata and to upload the documents directly to the appropriate folder in SpringCM.

User Management Improvement – Many functions in SpringCM have undergone extensive updates to make the user experience easier and more productive and to create more consistency and faster document loading times. Enhancements have also been made to allow for faster searching and for establishing security settings.

User Interface Updates – The 4.0 user interface has been refined to make daily tasks and interaction with SpringCM easier and more efficient. All varieties of SpringCM messages have been redesigned to better explain involved tasks and application errors and to provide instant communication of help text, system tasks, completed tasks, warnings and errors. The Dashboard updates now enable users to quickly locate recently used documents.

Huthwaite is a Sterling, Virginia-based company that pioneered the application of behavioral analysis to benchmark sales excellence. Huthwaite sees great promise in SpringCM's Advanced Workflow solution. John Selinger, art director at Huthwaite, stated, "Huthwaite creates a great deal of customized content to help each client optimize sales effectiveness. Up to this point, the routing and approval process has been complex, time-consuming and difficult to adjust as exceptions arise. The Advanced Workflow in SpringCM will help us to eliminate redundant, manual processes and to provide our internal design and sales teams, as well as our customers, with new visibility into the entire process. We will improve our time-to-market, and our customers will see results sooner."

Tom Beal, vice president of sales for eDoxs, added, "The Advanced Workflow capabilities in SpringCM's new version gives us the ability to serve the process automation needs of a wide variety of applications, ranging from simple routing and approval to business process modeling and automation. We look forward to using SpringCM's powerful platform to create best practices solutions for our customers."

About SpringCM
SpringCM offers enterprise-class document management, capture, collaboration and workflow, delivered as an on-demand service. Designed and built by ECM industry veterans, SpringCM is easy to configure and rapidly deployed, resulting in low cost, low risk ECM solutions not previously available without significant time, risk and capital investment. Industry leaders such as General Electric, Avon, Cox Communications, Stratus Technologies, Comcast and HealthNet all rely on SpringCM for mission critical content management across finance, logistics, contract management, corporate legal, distribution and compliance. For more information on SpringCM, please visit

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