News | December 6, 2013

Smartvue Offers Award-Winning New Cloud Server

Smartvue has introduced the S9i cloud server. Designed as a cost-effective, reliable HD video recorder, it is perfect for installations such as small retail stores and restaurants with up to 10 cameras. Installation is plug and play on almost any network. Smartvue S9i cloud servers come with free Cloudvue service, so you can remotely monitor one or thousands of servers from almost any web-browser, smartphone, or tablet. Optional Cloudvue Storage service is also available for video storage in the cloud.

The Smartvue S9i won the 2013 New Product of the Year award for cloud surveillance from Security Products magazine. "The security industry is one of the fastest growing technology markets and the solutions become more amazing every year,” said Ralph C. Jensen, Security Products editor-in-chief. “The competition was challenging among so many amazing entries. The winners proved themselves to offer the innovations that are most advancing the security industry today."

"Smartvue offers the world’s most cloud-centric and cost effective HD video surveillance platform for multiple location businesses such as retail and restaurants,” said Martin Renkis, Founder & CEO of Smartvue Corporation. “We are very proud of our efforts in network video over the last decade.”

About Smartvue Corporation
smartvue Corporation protects thousands of people, places and assets worldwide every day. Since 1998, the company’s mission has been to make the world a safer place with amazing video surveillance technologies. Smartvue is a cloud software company and video surveillance innovator with more than 20 patents and significant industry awards for its unique products and services. The company delivers end to end surveillance solutions which combine cost effective network video with cloud storage and video management services.

SOURCE: Smartvue Corporation