News | May 21, 2013

SmartReceipt Partners With Copperstate Restaurant Technologies And Quality Retail Systems To Further Penetrate Hospitality POS Marketplace

SmartReceipt, Inc., a SaaS based marketing solutions company focused on transforming traditional point-of-sale (POS) receipts into consumer friendly communication vehicles, announced recently that it has partnered with two strategic resellers, Copperstate Restaurant Technologies (Copperstate) and Quality Retail Systems (QRS). The new relationships will allow SmartReceipt to penetrate a large base of hospitality customers, many of which are Micros users, while delivering dynamic, relevant coupons to Copperstate and QRS food service operators. Both partners will embrace the latest SmartReceipt offering, which is enabled by Epson’s OmniLink Smart Solutions. The new solution allows the SmartReceipt application to reside on the printer outside of the POS system, offering a POS-agnostic, plug-and-play solution ideally suited for rapid, universal deployment.

Brad Holaway, President of Copperstate stated, “With its unique POS vendor inclusive approach to receipt information, SmartReceipt allows our company to help restaurateurs increase customer frequency, boost average check, and differentiate themselves in a very competitive economic environment.” Copperstate is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and has a 30-year history of providing platinum solutions and services across the hospitality marketplace. SmartReceipt will serve as an enhancement to their product offerings of Micros, Copperstate Mobile Rewards, digital signage solutions, and City Eats reservations. For more information, visit

Howard Akin, President of QRS, stated, “We are well positioned to introduce SmartReceipt to our hospitality customer base. We’re looking forward to bringing its cutting edge solutions to increase our customers’ revenues throughout the New England area.”  QRS has been a leading supplier of cash registers, copiers, fax machines, and Micros POS equipment to customers in upstate NY, Vermont, and Western MA for over 25 years. QRS has established itself as one of the largest independent POS companies in all of New England and they are also a premier Epson Customer Care Center nationally. For more information, visit

“Each year more than 250 billion POS receipts are handed to consumers in the United States alone and most of those receipts include only the financial details of the transactions themselves, ignoring the enormous potential of this direct-to-consumer communications opportunity,” commented Jon Cassell, VP of Business Development at SmartReceipt. “Our solution will allow Copperstate and QRS customers to transform and enhance ordinary receipts into a targeted, revenue generating marketing medium that increases customer frequency and influences customer buying behavior. Today SmartReceipt processes over 1,000,000 transactions a day from its base of thousands of Hospitality, Retail, and Government sites.

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About SmartReceipt
SmartReceipt was founded in 2004 in Santa Barbara, Calif. and has developed proprietary technology that takes an ordinary point-of-sale receipt and translates it to a dynamic marketing and communication medium. The company provides innovative marketing solutions to thousands of retail locations enabling retailers to generate incremental revenue and influence consumer purchasing decisions. For more information, visit

SOURCE: SmartReceipt Inc.