News | April 10, 2013

SightLogix Demonstrates Smart Thermal Cameras For Wide Range Of Applications And Budgets


Cost-Effective Thermal Technologies Steer Cameras into New Markets

At ISC West, SightLogix is showcasing its smart thermal analytics technologies that make the challenge of outdoor and perimeter security more practical and viable. From airport perimeters to maintenance yards, electric substations and critical infrastructure, the range of SightLogix’s smart thermal camera portfolio meets a variety of applications and budgets.

SightLogix cameras have dramatically advanced sensor technology to provide clearer images 24 hours a day regardless of weather or environment. Camera design is further complemented by a high degree of image processing to capture small differences between the temperature of an intruder and the background to present a thermal image in a way that is optimized for the eye to see, even in less than ideal conditions. And on-board analytics improve real-time, pre-emptive security with instant notification about security violations.

With four times the processing of alternatives, the SightLogix solution covers twice the range and four times the area of alternate approaches, cutting overall project costs by half.

“SightLogix’s smart thermal cameras are now cost-competitive with solutions combining traditional visible cameras with analytics, fence sensors, or buried cable systems,” said John Romanowich, President and CEO, SightLogix. “Our vision is to make this more accurate technology practical and cost-effective for all outdoor security applications.”

SightLogix solutions on display at ISC West include:

  • SightSensor NS60 - is the newest addition to the thermal analytics lineup. It accurately detects intruders at distances up to 60 meters with a 63° field of view (FOV). The price sensitive camera is an economical solution for reducing incidents of theft and vandalism or to fill gaps and blind spots along irregularly-shaped fences or topography
  • Clear24 outdoor thermal camera - uses powerful image processing to provide the most detailed thermal image possible, 24 hours a day, including conditions of rain, snow, fog, wind, or humidity.
  • SightSensor Thermal or Visible Detection Cameras - incorporate an imager, lens optics, electronic stabilization, video analytics software, camera control and GPS target tracking. On-board digital signal processors (DSP) communicate directly with the image sensor to analyze scene details of each video frame for better accuracy and extended range.
  • SightTracker pan-tilt-zoom controller - automatically steers PTZ cameras to zoom and follow detected targets using the GPS-based target information from an associated SightSensor.
  • SightMonitor target mapping and configuration software - overlays camera positions, detected alarms and locations and camera fields-of-view onto a geo-positioned aerial map of the surveillance area to provide users complete situational awareness.
  • Video Security Trailer (VST) - SightLogix also offers the, a self-contained rapidly deployable perimeter security solution for temporary or long-term surveillance applications.

SightLogix system components are enclosed within ruggedized, NEMA 4X housings to withstand extreme weather and climate conditions, providing many years of service.

About SightLogix, Inc.
SightLogix outdoor video systems protect outdoor areas from theft and vandalism and secure critical infrastructure for the transportation, energy, communication, utility, chemical, datacenter, and defense industries. For more information, visit

SOURCE: SightLogix, Inc.