Magazine Article | June 17, 2013

ShopKeep POS Grows To 6.5K+ Merchants

By ShopKeep POS

ShopKeep POS offers an easy to use and easy to sell cloud-based iPad POS solution

About ShopKeep POS
ShopKeep POS combines an elegant, easy-to-use iPad register with a powerful cloud-based back office for management and reporting to offer an industry-leading point of sale solution for retailers. And at a cost of just $49 per month, merchants pay a fraction of the cost of a traditional point of sale system.

Founded by a former merchant, Jason Richelson, ShopKeep POS began as a cloudbased PC point of sale in direct response to the troubles that he experienced with other POS systems. The product quickly evolved to the Mac, and following its release in early 2010, it transitioned to the iPad. “One of the things that I knew needed to be fixed was the architecture. I wanted stuff in the cloud. I could never see my sales information unless I was at my POS system,” says Richelson. “That’s why the reporting on ShopKeep POS is always accessible and gives owners and operators the data they need about sales, shifts, customers, inventory, and more to manage and grow their business.” ShopKeep POS has now grown to serve over 6,000 merchants across the U.S.

Features of ShopKeep POS
With the increasingly complex needs of modern businesses, merchants need to know that their POS system can do more than just process transactions. With ShopKeep POS, store managers can track staff hours with the integrated time clock, use modifiers to customize base menu items, accept multiple payment methods (cash, credit, mobile), print or email receipts, and much more. Setup just takes days, from initial signup straight through the employee training and advanced features. Most importantly, they can easily access and analyze all of this information with the ShopKeep POS ClearInsight® Reports. Merchants are able to analyze sales, manage inventory, and schedule employees. They can see what sales are by the hour, what products are most popular, and what items should be reordered when inventory gets low. Download the free Dashboard App and the merchant can track live sales data directly from an iPhone or Android phone. With all of these features at their disposal, store owners have a wealth of options to help manage and grow their businesses.

Surround 360˚ Partner Program
The ShopKeep POS Surround 360˚ Partner Program allows partners to offer merchants enterprise-level point of sale features at a fraction of the cost of traditional POS systems. Partners can bundle ShopKeep POS with hardware and merchant services to attract new customers and better service existing merchants. Add an award-winning Customer Care team, easy onboarding, and lucrative recurring revenue, the Surround 360˚ Partner Program is the simplest way for partners to make smarter business decisions too.

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