News | August 14, 2013

SecureNet Payment Systems Launches Advanced Suite Of Developer Payment Integration Tools

SecureNet Payment Systems recently announced the launch of a comprehensive suite of payment integration tools for developers. Complete with code samples in multiple languages, easy-to-follow guides, a full featured sandbox and specialized developer support resources, SecureNet makes it even easier for developers to rapidly and seamlessly integrate point of sale, eCommerce and mobile payments into any application. 

A simple online application and certification process gets developers certified and accepting payments through SecureNet quickly. Interactive code samples, currently available for iOS, PHP and .Net, and a self-service sandbox environment allow developers to test transactions and explore payment functionality prior to production. Easy-to-follow online guides and documentation simplifies integration and makes implementing complex payments functionality, such as secure card storage and automated recurring billing, a breeze.

PayOS, SecureNet’s full-stack payment operating system, and easily integrated APIs empower merchants and developers to design, control and monetize their own payments roadmap. The platform’s flexible architecture and scalability give developers the ability to build their ideal user experience, merchant management functionality, boarding and payment environments.

SecureNet offers developers comprehensive integration solutions for point of sale, eCommerce and mobile payments. The company’s developer friendly payment solutions also assist developers in achieving and maintaining PCI compliance. Integrated cloud-based authentication and sophisticated encryption technology secure sensitive data at the point of capture, eliminate the need for server side implementation and prevent developers from being exposed to sensitive card data.

“At SecureNet we are developers first and foremost,” said Brent Warrington, Chief Executive Officer of SecureNet. “We set out to redefine the future of payments by designing a comprehensive, developer-friendly payment solution equipped with easy-to-use tools and a omni-channel development framework that supports a wide variety of development approaches, technology platforms and operating systems. Starting with flexible and scalable infrastructure, we powered it with sophisticated APIs and built a truly collaborative and supportive ecosystem for merchants and developers to turn ideas into profitable solutions.”

About SecureNet Payment Systems
SecureNet’s PayOS offers the most innovative payment technology operating system directly connected to the major card networks available in the market. SecureNet’s PayOS enables merchants to accept any payment type, anytime, anywhere through point-of-sale, eCommerce and mobile acceptance. Sophisticated payment APIs and flexible architecture simplify integration and empower merchants and developers to design and control their own payment roadmap while monetizing their business solution. As a direct payment processor, SecureNet delivers cost effective solutions by passing on significant cost savings to merchants, resellers and partners. Processing over $15B in annual transaction volume, SecureNet enables universal commerce for over 17,000 merchants and some of the most well-known brand name partners. For more information, visit

SOURCE: SecureNet Payment Systems