Magazine Article | March 20, 2013

ScanSource POS And Barcode – Delivering Services And Solutions To Enable Reseller Growth

By Yvette McKenzie, Vice President of Merchandising, ScanSource POS and Barcode

What forms of education do you provide to partners?
We provide a wide variety of educational services… online, live, and classroom coursework. These educational sessions may be industry related, technology or vertical market focused, or part of a vendor’s certification program. In addition, through our Planning for Profit program, we provide 24/7 online business classes on everything from prospecting and negotiating to understanding how to close the sale.

What financing options do you offer partners and how do yours compare to those of your competition?
ScanSource Reseller Financial Services offers a wide variety of competitive finance programs to meet our partners’ requirements. Whether our resellers are looking for a line of credit, flooring options, or extensive leasing programs, our team offers a broad portfolio of services. Each partner works with a relationship manager whose goal is to assist our resellers in exploring the financial solutions that best meet their needs.

How do you help partners with their marketing?
Our ScanSource Services Group has a full team of marketing experts that work with partners to assist in everything from brand development to lead generation and event planning. Many of our marketing specialists have years of experience working in our industry so they can map out the best marketing plans to support our partners’ needs.

What types of service/support do you offer your partners?
Our service offerings range from providing vendor maintenance support packages to free pre- and post-sales support through our Solution Consultant organization. Our Solution Consultants are tenured, technical employees who’ve been specially trained in certain areas of our business. Their job is to assist partners in creating custom solutions that will best fit the needs of our partners’ end-user customers. These are not “boxed solutions” but complete recommendations based on years of experience with best-in-class products for all verticals.

What is unique about your channel programs?
Our channel programs are designed to help our partners succeed in either building a successful business practice or helping reduce costs in a particular area of their business. Our MobilETC program is designed to help partners navigate the changing landscape of mobility, both in traditionally rugged or semi-rugged environments, as well as help them explore new markets previously untapped by mobile computing (like Mobile POS or Mobile Wallet). We’re here to help them build skills and tap into opportunities by enabling them with the tools and services needed, training them through online and live classes, and connecting them with other complementary partners (vendors, ISVs, and resellers).

What types of lead gen do you offer partners?
ScanSource is a big proponent of helping partners build their own lead funnels through the use of our partner marketing services. We work with many of our vendors to create marketing campaigns that resellers can tap into to generate their own leads regionally. But we’ve also built a very robust online partner network,, allowing resellers to connect with other resellers with complementary practices, as well as find end-user lead opportunities through the network. In addition, we provide leads on an ongoing basis to our registered public sector partners through our Government Source program.

What tools do you have to help partners succeed in retail, healthcare, government, and education?
We provide a variety of online tools to assist partners in different vertical market segments. Whether it’s online vendor microsites, web portals, solutions guides, or our Solution Consultants “live”, ScanSource offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to support our partners selling into retail, healthcare, and public sector markets.

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