White Paper

Scaling Managed Services With A Third-Party NOC Partnership

Source: Continuum

This white paper from Continuum discusses the value managed service providers (MSPs) can gain from utilizing third-party networking operations centers (NOCs) and back-office support companies instead of following the conventional MSP model which requires steep investments in infrastructure, staffing, training, marketing, sales, and customer support.

This report also covers the definition of a third-party NOC and how they work with MSPs. It compares and contrasts the operational and economic models of conventional and third-party-enabled managed services businesses, explains how third-party NOCs accelerate managed services growth and customer satisfaction, and finally reviews best practices for working with third-party NOC providers.

Often small and midmarket organizations are not experts when it comes to technology and do not have the staffing or management to build, manage, and maintain business-enabling IT systems. Because of this businesses will often opt for managed services, allowing them to outsource what they can’t manage internally.

Third-party NOC providers gives MSPs many advantages over the conventional MSP model including superior speed to market, low initial investment, extensibility, cost containment, scalability, and round-the-clock expert support.

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