White Paper

Scaling Managed Services With A Third-Party NOC Partnership

Source: Continuum

Managed service providers need to keep up with the pace of change that new technology and applications deliver, as well as the dynamic nature of IT operations. In other words, no IT environment is static, and even IT systems that had no new applications or functions require a tremendous amount of upkeep and administration.

Furthermore, when it comes to technology, businesses – particularly smaller and midmarket organizations – are not experts. They do not have the staffing or management resources to build, manage and maintain business-enabling IT systems. This is the rationale for businesses to opt for managed services; what they can’t manage, they outsource.

The evolution of managed services from the remote “break/fix” offerings of its humble beginning to a fully functional IT outsourcing service is more than challenging to conventional MSPs. It requires steep investments in infrastructure, staffing, training, marketing, sales and customer support. While the managed services model supports the expense of this transformation – and the new services will produce profits – few solution providers have the capital reserves or the ability to fully fund such metamorphoses to create and deliver 24/7 monitoring and support.

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