Magazine Article | March 20, 2013

SBS Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Keystroke POS Dealer Channel

By Dana Bargell, Director of Marketing, Specialized Business Solutions

What is your proudest moment of the past 25 years?
Personally, it was when one of our most successful resellers first agreed to carry our software. After we presented the Keystroke POS program to Randy for several years straight, he finally decided it was a product he wanted to sell, and did he ever. It was an important lesson about what it takes for a dealer to take on a new core product line.

On the business side, we are very proud of being the only company in the retail POS software category to consistently earn the distinctions of BSM’s BEST Channel Vendor and BEST Channel Product awards. This too is thanks to the independent dealers who represent Keystroke POS software.

Congratulations are in order — how will SBS celebrate?
Thank you. We’re planning a variety of promotions and festivities. To begin, we’re extending our top margin level to the entire dealer channel. Through the end of 2013, all dealers will receive a full 50% profit margin on all Keystroke Advanced POS systems and upgrades. SBS’s unique co-op program will also apply, so most dealers earn 55% to 60%. Other plans will be announced throughout the year. I imagine that will include some traditional celebrations with friends, families, staff, and business partners.

Tell us more about the SBS Partner program.
Sure, our partner program is another one of the gems we’ve created over the past 25 years. The Keystroke product line provides end users enough choices, and independent dealers enough margin and flexibility to each offer their own flavor of solutions. Keystroke Advanced POS supports most any hardware a dealer chooses to sell, and includes secure and progressive payment processing integration — with residual rates north of 50% for dealers.

There’s a lot more to it than that of course, and we’ll be happy to share our complete Dealer Prospectus with any POS dealer interested in representing Keystroke.

What might an interested POS dealer want to know about SBS and Keystroke POS software?
We answer the phone when it rings. That may sound strange but it’s an important distinction. We don’t funnel calls through an attendant. Most callers are personally greeted by a support technician who is ready, willing, and able to assist with sales and technical issues. We live and work in Long Beach, California and Dillon, Colorado, and we don’t use pre-written scripts. We work with dealers and customers to understand their concerns and deliver practical solutions.

I’ve got to add that because Keystroke POS software is so highly configurable, our dealers can serve a wide range of businesses all with this single product. We don’t do hospitality — that’s a different animal. Keystroke POS is a great solution for just about any other type of retail, wholesale, or service business.

What should a dealer do?
Call us up! We are actively recruiting new dealerships, and are eager to help new dealer partners learn about Keystroke and begin building a sustainable profit stream. Because the economy has struggled in recent years, there is plenty of pent up demand for businesses to update their POS systems. We’re seeing many signs of improvement, so this is as good a time as any to start selling Keystroke Advanced POS!

“Much of our success is attributable to our dealer partners who drive sales and guide our development to fulfill the real world needs of our mutual customers.”

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