Case Study

Case Study: Worldwide Confectionery Business Expects 37% Savings With Managed Print Services

Source: OKI

This worldwide confectionery business had well-established corporate policies for the company's IT infrastructure — they were standardized on a competitive vendor, including computers, servers, networking solutions and peripherals. The customer was not happy with the level of service they were currently receiving; they had difficulty reaching the vendor and often had to self-service technology equipment.

The customer issued an RFP after receiving special permission from its corporate headquarters to deviate from the corporate standard and enter a three-year contract with a new print vendor. OKI Printing Solutions was given the opportunity to bid against two competitors, including the incumbent vendor. The customer's goal was to become a paperless company with all documents transmitted electronically. Company policymandated documents were printed only with authorization, resulting in the customer requiring security access controls on every device.

The customer was initially impressed with the opportunity for 37%savings through OKI Printing Solutions Managed Services assessment and welcomed the print analysis. Based on the assessment, OKI Printing Solutions recommended the customer establish printing islands throughout the three floors in its office location, with each island holding two B6300s and one ES3640 MFP. To answer the customer's corporate policy for secure printing, OKI Printing Solutions integrated Ringdale's FollowMe Secure Document OutputManagement on every device to ensure all printing and copy activity was authenticated and usage monitored.