From The Editor | February 3, 2012

RSPA Inspire Day 2: Editor's Video Blog


by Mike Monocello, chief editor

During day 2 of RSPA (Retail Solutions Providers Association) Inspire 2012 in Costa Rica, Brett Harward, speaker, consultant, and author led a discussion regarding key performance indicators (KPIs) put together by an RSPA committee. The committee polled 10 RSPA members and compiled detailed information on those businesses. Information included average revenue, averages spent on marketing, sales salaries, and more. Additionally, the data also showed how the average numbers compared with the numbers of the highest performing VARs in the group. With this data, those in attendance could compare there businesses with the averages of 10 other businesses as well as with the top performing businesses polled. The RSPA plans on expanding this initiative to the entire industry to get more detailed accurate information. The following video blog by Business Solutions magazine's editor-in-chief Mike Monocello recaps the session in a little more detail.

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