White Paper

Case Study: RSA® Key Manager With Application Encryption Helps Major Hotel Operator

When consumers think about hotel security, they often think about door locks and safes. In general, consumers don't think about how crucial it is for hotel operators to protect the credit card information they're given. As a critical security requirement for hotel operators, Accor North America selected RSA® Key Manager with Application Encryption which is designed to centralize the provisioning and lifecycle management of encryption keys and enable end-to-end encryption.

Card Industry (PCI) requirements for protecting consumer information. Accor North America operates six hotel brands, and we share the booking of reservations between the properties and our central infrastructure. We have several different networks and applications that share credit card information on a daily basis, and we needed the ability to seamlessly encrypt data both at the point of sale and centrally to protect this information from being accessed by identity thieves intending to commit fraud."

Each of Accor North America's more than 1,200 properties have the ability to process transactions locally, and consumers can also book reservations online or by contacting a call center. Accor North America wanted the ability to encrypt transaction information at each hotel, and also encrypt transactions as they were processed at the call center or via the web.