Case Study

Rochester Police Department Cuts Crime By 80% With Help From Serverless Computing

Source: Pivot3

Rochester, New York, is the third most populated city in New York State and is an economic powerhouse that offers strong employment rates, excellent educational facilities and a population with a focused work ethic. Rochester is an innovative city that finds immense value in technology but struggles with high-crime rates. The Rochester Police has long been an early adopter of technology to better protect its citizens against the criminal activities that threaten the Rochester’s success.

The Challenge

Reducing criminal activity is a top priority for the city’s Mayor and the Rochester Police Department. These leaders have taken a stand against crime and prioritized a significant amount of time, money, manpower and technology to reduce crime, protect residents and increase business opportunities within the city limits.

Video surveillance is a proven tool in monitoring, analyzing and even shifting crime and terrorist activities. Because of this, the amount of cameras deployed in public surveillance applications continues to grow. Current forecasts anticipate more than a billion cameras will be installed in the United States alone over the next five years. The city of Rochester is no exception. The city envisions video surveillance as a powerful tool that augments the abilities of its officers, increases situational awareness and enhances safety.

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