E-Book | April 23, 2019

RFID: Why It Matters For Business Growth

Source: BlueStar, Inc.
RFID And Its Growing Importance To Your IT Clients

The Next Wave

Forty years ago, barcode scanning revolutionized retail and logistics. Today, a new technology is transforming the way business handles inventory, merchandise—and people. It’s RFID, and it represents enormous potential benefits for you and your customers.

RFID and You

Many resellers haven’t yet tapped into RFID, either because they don’t know much about it, or because they’re not sure how profitable it will be. But the possibilities are endless, and so are the sales opportunities. That’s because RFID can track and identify objects, animals, and people even when they’re on the move. Unlike barcode scanners, RFID doesn’t need a ‘line of sight’ to operate, because the radio waves it uses penetrate solid objects. It can locate, count, and tell you how fast tagged items are moving, and do it with more accuracy and less human intervention than any other method. Given its capabilities, it’s clear the next few years will see significant growth as more businesses start to integrate RFID into their operations. You should be there to show them how.