Guest Column | January 11, 2013

Retail Printing: Trends & Tips For VARs, ISVs

So much is changing in the world of retail, creating new opportunities and threats for VARs and software developers who operate in this vertical. One of the biggest trends driving much innovation is mobility.

How would you grade the retail industry in terms of technology need and consumption?

Dave Crist, Senior vice president sales and marketing, Brother Mobile Solutions: The retail vertical market has been and will continue to be a huge consumer of technology.  Most retailers have moved beyond the “standard” investment approach to technology in order to gain either productivity benefits or cost savings - there will always be projects in these domains. But they now view new technology deployments as true competitive differentiators – and this appears to be happening in all major tiers and segments of retail. To that end, we see many retailers looking to be early adopters of new technology, especially mobile technology, as a way to gain or maintain their own competitive edge. These retailers tend to be willing partners to test out the latest stuff, work with manufacturers and integrators to tailor or improve the offering, and prove the new technology in their operations as soon as possible.

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