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Retail IT News For VARs — April 18, 2014

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer


The Heartbleed Bug tops the headlines this week, prompting some suggestions for ways to protect customer data. Also in the news, the adoption of beacons captures shoppers’ locations and preferences, as well as some advice for investing in mobile technology. Finally, the rise of social media has drastically changed the face of e-commerce. 

Heartbleed Bug Impacts Online Retailers, E-Commerce

Practical Ecommerce examines the impact of the recently exposed Heartbleed Bug on online retailers and ecommerce in this article. This serious flaw in some versions of popular, open-source security software used to protect encrypted data like passwords or payment card information during online transactions, announced on April 7, may have affected two-thirds of web servers worldwide. In the worst of cases, this Internet security flaw implies that online retailers, who were doing everything right and required to protect customer data, may have still been exposing sensitive information to nearly any hacker.

7 Ways To Protect E-Commerce Customer Data

Practical Ecommerce has 7 tips to protect your online customers, including thinking before you collect; let third-parties handle credit card information, using SSL on pages with customer information, arming your site with additional protection, encrypting all data, updating software and solutions, and educating your customers. 

Beacons Boost Shopper Experiences In Stores reports that new beacons are changing the game in bricks-and-mortar retail stores. Beacon platforms use low-energy Bluetooth signals to send messages to mobile devices. They can pinpoint where shoppers are in a store, how long they have been in a particular location or how often they visit.

How Retailers Are Preparing With Technology For The Next Holiday Shopping Season

This article from outlines what steps retailers are taking to prepare for the next holiday shopping season by tackling the latest in technological devices.  Whether it’s point of sale, assisted selling or marketing, investments in mobile are a top priority; migration to mobile is a crucial connection with consumers and can positively impact their experience. Use of geo-fences outside the store and technology like Wi-Fi tracking and beacons inside allow for better and more relevant targeting. Mobile POS and assisted-selling tools add a level of convenience and client-specific interaction.

Retail IT Talking Points

Business2Community demonstrates that social networks specifically have altered the way e- commerce brands go about marketing online. Such disruption has resulted in a new model for online retail referred to as social e-commerce. By 2015, more than $30 billion worth of transactions will be attributed to referrals from social media networks. As social media continues to grow, with the likes of Instagram and Tumblr, it is likely for such trends in e-tail to continue to expand.

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