White Paper

Reselling Cloud Services For Fun & Profit

Source: Solarwinds MSP

The savvy MSPs guide to high returns and low overhead in outsources IT monitoring & management.

It's been said that the recent explosion in cloud services is a manifestation of IT's decelerating rate of change. Indeed, new products will always get announced and buttons and switches inside those products will forever be shifted around. But throw away All the hype and hyperbole and it's easy to see that IT's early Wild West days are behind us. Replacing them Is a kind of measurable and predictable change one might expect in an industry past its infancy.

The deceleration is a good thing. As revolutionary changes are replaced by those merely evolutionary, our consumers are better able to agree on the services they need. That agreement makes it possible to smartly repackage services with the goal of selling them back at lower cost.

As a business model, the cloud is all about economies of scale. Once providers collect enough customers together, they can begin to enjoy benefits in the aggregation: Problems become easier to troubleshoot, costs can be distributed, and time-saving automations can be integration to mitigate the waste that otherwise plagues IT's daily operations.

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