Guest Column | June 10, 2013

Remote Video Monitoring: 4 Factors That Can Kill Performance

Access Control And Video Surveillance News From December 2014

By Renae Leary, Senior Director, Global Accounts, Tyco Integrated Security

Viewing video on a smart phone is common today in the consumer market. Remote access to video — from anywhere to anywhere — is also an expectation among security end users. The security benefits are undeniable, including greater productivity for security officers, who no longer have to sit at a desk to view video. Easy availability of real-time video of remote locations can help protect a company's people, facilities and assets — and even offer operational benefits. The ability to provide real-time remote video to police or first responders in an emergency can be the difference between life and death.

However, remote video monitoring doesn't just happen, even in the highly connected world of IP video networking. To monitor video of various locations remotely from miles away or even around the globe, integrators should evaluate their customers' systems and ensure the technology infrastructure can handle the higher data flow related to video systems. Here are some factors to consider...

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